Wasted : Save a Penny or Two

I impulse buy food.  Impulse buying with anything in fact.  Spending over £100 a week on food, when I have plenty of food in the cupboard or fridge already.  Running Phoenix I collect waste bread twice a week and used to work closely with Skipchen to serve waste food on a PAYF basis, so I know how much food is wasted and available to eat for FREE!  I have decided to kick my habit by not spending a penny this month on anything; Food, going out, clothes, bus etc.  Instead I will be reaching out to communities, charities, supermarkets and seeing how I can not spend a penny (on food mainly) sharing it.  It’s not just me though, my 6-year-old son will be joining me.  This will hopefully make me more conscious about what I can cook with no money, as I have admittedly become lazy with food.


Why am I sharing this?  Because I want people to be more aware of how much they have in their cupboards, to make an effort to cook more, exchange foods… I’ll be recording my day-to-day food and how I have managed to eat/survive on nothing.  My first step is reaching out to the people around me.  I am currently writing a letter to all my neighbours to ask if they have any food in their cupboards they don’t want, even if it’s past their use by date.  I can donate any excess to community projects (like @FoodCycle) or put in our PAYF shop in Phoenix.

I am really looking forward to tomorrow as I will be volunteering for FoodCycle, helping cook with waste food and this will mean I get to eat there too 🙂  Working with projects like this is great because you earn your food, you can give your time instead of money.  This is a short post just about what I am doing, but will post more as the days go by about who has helped me along the way and see how hard or easy it is for anyone to do.

Step One:  What do you have in your cupboards?? The first thing I want to ask is for people to look in their cupboards.  Do you have Pastas, Tinned food, Spices etc that have been there a bit too long?  Try using it, or donate it to Phoenix so we can do something with it!  If we get enough donations or collect enough food we will make something with it and invite everyone to come for a PAYF at Phoenix.  We also have a lot of Homeless who collect waste bread from us, so we could start making soups or sandwiches for them?  Email me at info@phoenixcafe.co.uk and we can collect or drop it off at the cafe 🙂




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